IT Support Services & Consultation

Through flexible high-performance models and self-service portals, we help clients optimize the holistic support environment to enable increased automation, reduced demand, robust management and process improvements.

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On Site Support

Our Tier 1 through Tier 2 approach provides incident resolution and request fulfillment, from known documented issues at Tier 1 to highly complex issues such as registry fixes, patching/updates and root cause analysis of problems at Tier 2 and beyond. Additionally, the service desk includes end-to-end service level management that owns the incident management and request fulfillment process life cycle from cradle to grave across the enterprise.

IT Consultancy

Leveraging expertise from our IT Service Management and Organizational Change Management practices, we provide support through every stage of the ServiceNow journey, from assessments and implementations to integrations and enhancements

PC Deployment

We augment a desktop support team to provide asset and inventory management, software deployment as well as hardware refreshes. We integrate into existing vendor relationships and act as a single point of contact for both hardware and software provisioning for IT

Desktop Application Development

Desktop stands for visually rich, lightning fast and responsive software. In our team, we nurture best practices in desktop application development in order to always pull off that extra mile which turns a solid desktop app idea into a market sensation:

Web Design & Development

Keeping abreast of the evolving web technologies, we have been continuously shaping our services to meet the growing demand for fast, secure and interactive websites: Full-cycle website design and development: creating a website from scratch, including requirements gathering, design, implementation, quality assurance as well as maintenance and support:

Mobile Application Development

Great mobile applications are more than lines of code. In order to deliver excellent performance we have gathered one of the best development team among the existing companies, and all our specialists are on a high alert to deliver the full range of mobile services:

Software Services

Website design, development, maintenance & support services, e-commerce, mobile applications and much more!

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Managed Cloud & Databases

Companies looking at the cloud as a replacement: However, the cloud is more than a substitute and the future. It often delivers improved performance, the latest upgrades and less hassle – often at a lower cost than the “old way”. At ECTlabs, we offer a suite of cloud infrastructure services that can replace and improve upon existing hardware and software solutions that your business relies on every day.


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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, i.e. real-time management of core business processes using software and technology. ERP ensures a comprehensive and up-to-date view of core business processes using databases. ERP software can track your business’s resources – financial, manpower, raw materials, and production capacity – and monitor the status of your commercial undertakings, such as purchase orders, customer orders, and company payroll. Such software also facilitates information sharing across numerous business functions of auto manufacturers (manufacturing, buying, sales, accounting, and so on) and connections to stakeholders outside the company.


Self Hosted -- Complete package with all active modules
Software As A Service (SAAS)

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