We provide end-to-end solutions spanning:

Desktop Application Development

Desktop stands for visually rich, lightning fast and responsive software. In our team, we nurture best practices in desktop application development in order to always pull off that extra mile which turns a solid desktop app idea into a market sensation. Our team of certified desktop developers builds large-scale standalone products from scratch:
1. Fulfilling end-user experience – quality desktop apps are on average faster and more powerful than their web counterparts
2. Security – with verified experience in information security we put a high value on multilayer protection of our offline apps
3. Control and reliability – as all our desktop apps:
Undergo scrupulous planning and extensive testing
Show cross-platform compatibility with lower development efforts
Deliver pure platform-native experience with a shorter development cycles and, thus, shorter time-to-market Unlock full access to local hardware and resources


The changes in consumer behavior is the clear sign of the plight from traditional shopping to online shopping that talks about their soaring needs of safety, convenience and time. E-Commerce has traveled a long way to facilitate all the convenience to the new age customers in elegant and effective manner leveraging through the powerful technologies available today. It has eased the process of online purchase by segregating products by brands, price, product reviews & categories.
While E-commerce is a fairly common term these days, many businesses don’t realize its potential. Many businesses have become extremely profitable through their E-commerce Website. Dell, Flipkart, Amazon are the prime examples. Small companies and even individuals can also market their products or services on a worldwide basis through e-commerce solutions. Large companies are able to reduce their sales and stocking costs by selling online. Our e-commerce solutions have helped various businesses to set up their online store.
​In a traditional e-commerce, there are certain elements required to perform online business:
Have an online catalogue or store.
Promote your E-commerce Web site presence.
Have the capability to receive payments via various channels like a Payment gateway or offline.
Be able to deliver the items and services on time.
Provide support after sales.

Mobile Application Development

Great mobile applications are more than lines of code. In order to deliver excellent performance we have gathered one of the best development team among the existing companies, and all our specialists are on a high alert to deliver the full range of mobile services:
Business analysis
UI/UX design
Mobile application development (native and cross-platform development)
Delivery to market (publishing on the App Store, Google Play or Windows Store)
Mobile technologies consulting (design and code implementation/review, system architecture, feasibility analysis and more)
Mobile testing (Unit testing and UI Automation)

Mobile Application Development

Keeping abreast of the evolving web technologies, we have been continuously shaping our services to meet the growing demand for fast, secure and interactive websites:
Full-cycle website design and development: creating a website from scratch, including requirements gathering, design, implementation, quality assurance as well as maintenance and support
Redesign: porting your legacy website, including all the data, to a new, modern solution (it can be another content management system) with a slick and responsive user interface
Migration to cloud: moving your existing website and applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and other cloud services to improve scalability and administration and lessen costs
Web app development and integration: enriching your website with out-of-the-box and custom social networking apps, payment solutions, advanced analytics and other tools to increase user engagement
Mobile-driven development: adapting your website for mobile phones and tablets of all platforms and screen sizes as well as using the portal as a back-end for a mobile app.

Website Maintenance & Support

ECTlabs maintenance and IT support services free you from maintaining expensive in-house support and infrastructure costs. Our site maintenance plans are developed to quickly adapt to changes in businesses of any size and type. Maintenance plans are designed to fit clients business needs so clients don’t pay extra for redundant applications. We will keep your website structure up-to-date so it always works efficiently and maintains its performance high. This is just as important as developing the website initially. Online web services and websites require maintenance and support as your needs change and as per growth according to time. We partner with our clients to help their online business running smoothly and error-free to meet their objectives consistently in a professional way. We provide the comprehensive set of website maintenance and support services throughout Pakistan and worldwide depending on your business needs.